patrickwheelerDr Patrick C. Wheeler

Patrick is a Senior Clinical Academic Fellow in Loughborough University, and the Head of Service and Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine in the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. He is a Founding Fellow of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine, Programme Director of BSc Sport and Exercise Science (Intercalated) in Loughborough University, and also Medical Officer for GB Paralympics Team. Patrick’s research interest is on the musculoskeletal injury in sports, especially medical management of chronic injuries like tendinopathy.

PhD STUDENT (Current)

parichadplangtaisongParichad Plangtaisong (PhD Student, Loughborough University)

BSc (Physical Therapy, Srinakharinwirot University), MSc (Sport Sciences, Mahidol University)

Patients with repeated ankle sprain injuries may develop chronic ankle instability, leading to various functional deficiency. Parichad’s project is to investigate if peroneal muscle stimulation can be used as an exercise intervention to improve functions in patients with chronic ankle instability.

Co-supervisor: Dr Patrick Wheeler (Loughborough)

hammadalhasanHammad S. Al-Hasan (PhD Student, Loughborough University)

BSc (Physical Therapy, Umm Al-Qura University), MSc (Physical Therapy, The University of Nottingham)

To investigate if interactive virtual-reality video game can help older adults to improve balance.

Co-supervisor: Dr Patrick Wheeler (Loughborough)

haosunHao Sun (PhD Student, Loughborough University)

BSc (Social Sports, Jimei University, China), MSc (Physical Education, Jimei University, China)

To use Tai Chi exercise as an intervention to help patients with chronic ankle instability to improve peroneal muscle reaction, ankle joint proprioception, and balance.

Co-supervisor: Dr Matt Pain (Loughborough), Dr Wei Sun (Shandong Sports University)

weishenDerek Wei Shen (PhD Student, Loughborough University)

BSc (Medicine, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine), MSc (Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine)

Effect of gentle landing strategy in preventing ankle sprain in running.

Co-supervisor: Dr Patrick Wheeler (Loughborough)

harrywangHarry Yuehang Wang (PhD Student, Loughborough University)

BSc, MSc (Loughborough University)

Forensic analysis of ankle sprain injury in badminton.

Co-supervisor: Dr Mark King (Loughborough)

benjeromeBenjamin Jerome (PhD Student, Loughborough University)

BSc (Sport and Exercise Science, Herfordshire), MSc (Sport and Exercise Science, Essex)

Understanding football player and team performance through the combination and relationship of technical data.

Co-supervisors: Prof Jonathan Folland (Loughborough), Dr Chris Dawson (Loughborough)

josebocanegraJose Frias Bocanegra (PhD Student, Loughborough University)

BSc (Sports Sciences, St Mary’s Twickenham), MSc (Musculoskeletal Sport Science and Health, Loughborough)

Optimising rehabilitation pathways in severely injured personnel.

Co-supervisors: Prof David Williams (Loughborough), Dr Patrick Wheeler (Loughborough), Dr Alexander Bennett (Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre)

Laura Obeng-Frimpong (PhD Student, Loughborough University)

BSc (Sports Therapy, Bedfordshire), MSc (Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, Kent)

Is there a difference in the degree and timing of activation of the muscles of the lower limb during landing for previously injured versus uninjured soccer players?

Co-supervisors: Dr Sam Winter (Loughborough)

PhD STUDENT (Research Completed)

robbarkerdaviesRobert M. Barker-Davies (PhD, Loughborough University, awarded in 2018)

BMedSci (Hons), BMBS (Medicine, Nottingham)

Tendinopathy is a significant burden to cause military personnels being not able to deploy. Rob’s project is to investigate the effectiveness of injected ‘High Volume Effect’ saline in treating Achilles and patella tendinopathy. Meanwhile, the project also aims to identify any biomechanical predictors of the response.

Co-supervisor: Prof Mark Lewis (Loughborough), Dr Alexander Bennett (Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre)

zoebamberZoe A. Bamber (PhD Student, Loughborough University, writing up)

BSc (Human Biology, Loughborough), MRes (Human Biology, Loughborough), MSc (Physiotherapy, Southampton)

Runners showing laterally-shifted centre of pressure are having higher risk of ankle inversion sprain injury. Zoe’s project is to develop a clinical tool to identify these runners, and to investigate if an in-phase muscle stimulating running exercise could correct the deviated plantar pressure in order to reduce the ankle sprain injury risk.

Co-supervisor: Dr Patrick Wheeler (Loughborough)

Donghyeon.jpgDonghyeon Seo  (PhD Student, Loughborough University, writing up)

BSc (Health and Fitness, Namseoul University in South Korea), MSc (Health and Exercise Science, Namseoul University in South Korea), MSc (Sport Science for Optimal Performance, University of Kent)

Osteoporosis is a major public health care issue, and physical exercise is considered as an influential factor in bone mineral density, muscular strength and body balance. The project is to investigate the effect of exercise on risk factors on osteoporosis.

Co-supervisor: Dr Katherine Brooke-Wavell (Loughborough), Dr Fehmidah Munir (Loughborough)

sara_aspinall_trim.jpgSara Aspinall (PhD Student, Loughborough University, writing up)

BSc (Physiotherapy, Birmingham), MRes (Clinical Practice, Coventry)

Arthrofibrosis following total knee replacement can result in extensive scar tissue causing severe pain and loss of knee range of movement. Sara is currently developing a clinical tool to treat the problem and avoid the consequences.

Co-supervisor: Prof Sue Hignett (Loughborough), Mr Steven Godsiff (Leicester General Hospital)

danrothwellDaniel Rothwell (PhD Student, Loughborough University, writing up)

BSc (Sports Rehabilitation, Salford), MSc (Strength and Conditioning, Salford)

How does amputation influence neuromuscular function in lower limb military amputees? Implications for rehabilitation, conditioning and long-term health. The research will first identify a valid, reliable and time- and cost-effective method of determining muscle volume. This will be used to identify the effect of muscle loss on performance in walking and running tasks in lower limb military amputees. The findings will lead to the identification of interventions to maintain independent function, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle and reducing the risk of comorbidities.

Co-supervisor: Prof David Williams (Loughborough)

MSc STUDENT (2020-2021)

Minju Kim (MSc student in Sport Biomechanics, Loughborough University)

Project: Forensic video analysis of ankle sprain injury in badminton.

MSc STUDENT (2019-2020)

Abdullah Al Alshehi (MSc student in Musculoskeletal Sport Science and Health, Loughborough University)

Project: The effect of virtual reality on balance, strength, pain, and function in cases of functional ankle instability: a systematic review.

Nicolas Kakouris (MSc student in Musculoskeletal Sport Science and Health, Loughborough University)

Project: Epidemiology of running-related musculoskeletal injuries: a systematic review.

Shuai Jiang (MSc student in Musculoskeletal Sport Science and Health, Loughborough University)

Project: Effects of Tai Chi exercise on fall prevention in older adults: a systematic review.

Yifan Yu (MSc student in Musculoskeletal Sport Science and Health, Loughborough University)

Project: A systematic review of gait modification on ankle and foot biomechanics during running.


Steven Oh (BSc Sport and Exercise Science)

Project: Effect of shoe collar height on ankle kinematics during simulated ankle sprain motion.

Cornelis Bogaard (BSc Sport and Exercise Science)

Project: Effect of anticipation on penultimate step biomechanics in planned and unplanned cutting tasks.


gaofengliProf Gaofeng Li (January 2020 for 6 months)

  • Vice Dean, Department of Rehabilitation Engineering, Beijing College of Social Administration, China
  • Project: Insight and experience sharing in orthopaedic biomedical engineering research.

Prof wachareerittiwatWacharee Rittiwat (October 2019 for 6 months)

  • Head, Department of Sports Science, Faculty of Education, Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand
  • Project: Measurement of ankle proprioception in patients with chronic ankle instability.

weishanDr Wei Shan (October 2018 for 1 year)

  • Lecturer, Beijing Sports University, China
  • Project: Effect of prolonged football on peroneal muscle reaction.

Adrian Wai-Yin Yeung (August 2018 for 3 months)adrianyeung

  • MSc Student in Sports Science, University of Konstanz, Germany
  • Project: To investigate ankle inversion sprain injury mechanism with a model-based image-matching forensic motion analysis technique.

gaofengsunProf Gao-Feng Sun (September 2016 for 1 year)

  • Associate Professor, Anhui University, China
  • Project: To compare the construction of city community sports service system in the scope of eco-civilisation between China and the UK

sonokomashimoSonoko Mashimo (September 2016 for 6 months)

  • PhD student in Sports Medicine, Tsukuba University, Japan.
  • Project: The effect of a lower limb strengthening exercise intervention on the reduction of injury incidence and risk in women handball players.