MBIM stands for Model-Based Image-Matching and it is for forensic motion analysis of sport injuries. This MBIM Task Force was established in March 2018. Join this task force if you are interested to learn about the latest findings of sport-related knee, ankle and head injuries.
The technique was first developed by Dr Tron Krosshaug in 2005, and has been used by various researchers to analyse sport-related knee, ankle and head injuries. It involves matching skeleton model on video footage of injury incidents, and can now be done by any researchers remotely and individually. Register as a trainee if you wish to learn the technique and conduct the analysis, and you will be assigned a trainer to supervise you remotely.


Founder: Dr Tron Krosshaug (Oslo, Norway)
Task Force Lead: Dr Daniel Fong (Loughborough, UK)
Technical Lead: Dr Kam-Ming Mok (Hong Kong, China)
Knee Lead: Dr Hideyuki Koga / Dr Shogo Sasaki (Tokyo, Japan),  Dr Tron Krosshaug (Oslo, Norway)
Ankle Lead: Dr Daniel Fong (Loughborough, UK), Dr Kam-Ming Mok (Hong Kong, China)
Head Lead: Dr Gregory Tierney (Dublin, Ireland)