MBIM stands for Model-Based Image-Matching and it is for forensic motion analysis of sport injuries. Join this task force if you are interested to learn about the latest findings of sport-related knee, ankle and head injuries.


The technique was first developed by Dr Tron Krosshaug in 2005, and has been used by various researchers to analyse sport-related knee, ankle and head injuries. It involves matching skeleton model on video footage of injury incidents, and can now be done by any researchers remotely and individually. Register as a trainee if you wish to learn the technique and conduct the analysis, and you will be assigned a trainer to supervise you remotely.



Founder: Dr Tron Krosshaug (Oslo, Norway)
Task Force Lead: Dr Daniel Fong (Loughborough, UK)
Technical Lead: Dr Kam-Ming Mok (Hong Kong, China)
Knee Lead: Dr Hideyuki Koga / Dr Shogo Sasaki (Tokyo, Japan),  Dr Tron Krosshaug (Oslo, Norway)
Ankle Lead: Dr Daniel Fong (Loughborough, UK), Dr Kam-Ming Mok (Hong Kong, China)
Head Lead: Dr Gregory Tierney (Dublin, Ireland)